6 super bowl

The super bowl is known for 3 things: beer, wings, and commercial judging. While most of my day was spent at a frat considerably raising my usual beer to wing ratio, I still managed to rank my favorite commercial (attached below).

The Amazon Super Bowl LII Commercial aka Alexa Loses Her Voice was phenomenal. The problem with this type of product is the possibility of glitches (I own an Alexa and it haven’t had any problems with it- my Mom, on the other hand, gets frustrated with Alexa’s lack of response to the point of actually yelling at the gadget; word of advice Mom, Alexa only responds to her actual name, Alexi, Alexis, and every other variation of Alexandra will not suffice.) Amazon used this advertisement to poke fun at this possibility, pretending that Alexa had lost her voice- they examples they used were priceless. Every clip was funny and relatable, from the man trying to listen to country music to Fat Amy (Rebel Wilson) serenading it’s user from the bathtub.

I could watch this commercial a hundred times.





Other top ranked commercials include:

Second place: Tide (genius marketing, and much needed with the eating-tide-pod fiasco that’s occurring)


Third Place: Eli Manning x OBJ NFL Commercial to dirty dancing- it was honestly just hysterical.

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