7 You affogato try this


After exploring, a twenty minute power nap, and enough tech-time for me to catch up on snap stories and my instagram feed I was famished and ready to eat. My Dad herded us out the door and into the death trap. A few moments and questionable park job later, we were seated at Osteria 177 and ordering our first Italian meal.

Osteria 177 situated along the tranquil bay stands cozily nestled on a stretch of historic buildings. It was recently rated Annapolis’ #1 Restaurant for Authentic Italian Cuisine, promising a lively atmosphere and the freshest ingredients the coast has to offer. Osteria translates to host or owner, which is something the family run restaurant does not take lightly.

Once our order was taken and placed, Lily and I snuck out to explore the seaside surroundings. Boutiques, bakeries, and gelateria’s lined the back alleys that zigzagged behind our restaurant. Stone walkways paved our path as we popped in and out of local stores. After a few minutes and many pictures later, we headed back to the restaurant.

We arrived just as our meals were being served. The fish I had ordered was locally sourced, caught just hours before, and cooked to perfection. Crispy skin encased a flakey and juicy white inside.I passed bites around to the rest of the family and nibbled on various homemade pastas and ragu- all were authentic and delicious.

However, the best part of the dinner came at the end. Anyone who knows me knows that ice cream is, without a doubt, my all time favorite dessert and possibly my favorite food group (rivaling pizza- and yes, ice cream and pizza are stand alone food groups- that is a fact). My favorite flavor is coffee. So obviously, Italy has become my safe haven with pizzerias and gelaterias on every corner. For dessert I ordered Affogato, a delicacy I had never heard of, and would quickly take the number one spot on my “favorite foods of all time” list. Affogato (translates to drowning) features a scoop of vanilla (traditionally) or coffee (my preference) gelato with espresso poured over it. How could I not be in love? Coffee ice cream coated and fondled by smooth Italian coffee, the melty masterpiece simultaneously feeding my sweet-tooth and caffeine addiction- I was a shoo0-in! Really, I stood no chance.

That night, as I protected my Affogato from the spoons of my very curious and overindulgent coffee loving family members, I vowed that I would try every Affogato at every restaurant we ate at. Over the next fifteen days I did just that, requesting this specialty at every lunch, dinner, and many times in-between, even if not on the menu. Although all were delicious (like a dessert of this making could ever be bad…), none rivaled the Affogato at Osteria 177.



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From left: Lily (12), Peter John (20), Conor (18), Gram, Mom, Me (18), and Dad.






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