8 Cranium Canvas

Janine Ker, artist converted hairstylist, proves yet again that passion fueled by imagination knows no bounds. I am always blown away by the variety of avenues in which art is  displayed, and thanks to social media extraordinary creativity does not go unnoticed. I came across Ker’s instagram page today via @ashleylongshore’s post (my favorite ((and seriously badass)) girl boss), and was completely enraptured by this hair sculpture. Obviously, colorful hair-dying has had it’s moment time and time again in the fashion industry- but this is unlike anything I have ever seen before.

Some serious stalking and many many colorful buzzcuts later, I began to wonder how Ker creates such unique and intricate designs. Thanks to Google and TeenVogue I uncovered her creative process and set my curiosity at ease, “She creates the looks by drawing in the designs with a razor, bleaching the areas where the color will go, and then applying the dye directly into the cut-outs.” Sounds simple, right? But these vibrant varicolored designs are anything but.

Now thinking of turning my head into a canvas… anyone else?




(Click above for a video of the transformation process)



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