11 patchwork please

It is no secret that Dior is my ultimate couture crush, and Maria Grazia Chiuri did not disappoint in todays Paris Fashion Week show.

Chiuri’s focus has always been on creating strong feminine pieces. Her goal? To honor Christian Dior’s history as leading fashion house as well as his personal design mantra by formulating collections that are both sympathetic to Dior’s past, but also cutting-edge. Recently, her work has taken an entirely new and deeply meaningful turn. Her latest shows have been culminated with intent of embodying, uplifting, and forging the path for woman leaders. (History Lesson: Chiuri herself is the current Creative Direct of Vogue, and the first ever female Creative Director at Dior since the inception of House of Dior 71 years ago. Two Words: Girl. Power)

Whenever a Creative Director switches, the public is extra attentive, curious to see how the Director stays true to the company they work for but also true to themselves. Her collections: The Art of Fencing, The Bee Collection, and Getting Political were wildly sensational. The Getting Political Collection went viral: political symbolism was strewn throughout the show, models doned Graphic T’s that conveyed just the right message as they strut down the runway- emanating power and making Dior’s Ready to Wear collection a huge success. The show blazed a trail through the fashion industry, bringing woman empowerment to back to the forefront.

The most note-able collection yet (in my personal opinion) was showcased in the Summer 2017 Collection. Her concept: adding structure and edge to classic whimsical ladylike looks launched Dior into the spotlight. Each dress was a work of art: wired corsets with a gauzy tulle overlay were stitched with stunning intricate embroidery, often horoscopes and zodiac adorned the pieces as Christian Dior himself was very superstitious. Celebrities and models alike still sport the signature bustier dress, wearing them like sheaths of amour, ready for the battlefield.

The signature style was seen in the Summer 2018 Show as well, and I myself fall evermore in love with the design every-time I see it.

If I were a dress, this would be me….758942b21cd3a1d281579c92a97ac8861020-29f17b272ee26525842f11442f0a77338b604ef4663c2962de62a056f5e1f6ade1020-1blue-dior-gl-26ep17_rex_v10201020-3

Details from today’s show:

Stepping into the venue was like stepping through a time warp machine and into the sixties. The sixties was a time of political unrest, protest, social revolution, and most importantly, female affirmation. Chiuri channeled the vigor and liveliness of this time into the Autumn-Winter 2018-2019 collection today. A mass of past magazine covers, feminist slogans, and historic protest posters all dating back to 1968 collaged the space, solidifying Dior’s stance in the social revolution of today.

More exquisite details from today’s show….

The facade of today’s venue.



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