12 exercise & a view

7.18.17. Rapallo.

No matter where I am in the world, how busy my day is, or how hungover I am- I always try to fit a workout into my day. Exercise is therapeutic for me, especially running, nothing clears my mind and refocuses me on my goals more than getting in a good sweat. If I have a super busy day, it’s even more important for me to hit the gym at some point- even if only half an hour- I leave feeling way more motivated and energized. This small accomplishment in my day makes me feel capable, and most importantly unstoppable. Not to mention it helped me to stay in shape on my all consuming pizza and gelato diet.

Today was our first full day in Portofino, and although we were all feeling the jetlag, we had a busy day ahead of us. My parents (who also share my affinity for running) and I set out early on a trek through the town. We jogged through early sunbathers and men who smoked while reading the paper. My Dad led us up back alley ways, through old church courtyards, and along the stony cliff-walks that hugged the shore. As my light blue APL’s navigated the narrow uneven path, I thought about how fortune I am. I thought about how this small perfect thing- running the Portofino coast in the fuzzy morning sun, blue skies and sparkling waters my backdrop as the foreign world that surrounds me sleeps soundlessly- could be bring me so much happiness and peace.

We neared our house just as the little seaside village began to stir with slight morning movements, by time they had fully woken up the sun was baking high in the sky, and we were just hot enough to need a quick jump in the pool.

Soggy sports bra and clingy lulu shorts later, I sat at the breakfast feast that hat been set out for us on the patio while my Dad pried my brothers, and harder yet, my little sister from bed. I lounged back in my seat, legs swaddled in a towel and eyes blissfully closed, and let the warm sun dry what my towel had missed. As I munched on fresh fruit and bread, Dad discussed what we would be seeing on our private boat tour this afternoon.

Could life get any better?

vsco_072017-1vsco_072017Processed with VSCO with c1 preset


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