18 Exit Through the Gift Shop

Art has always been a love of mine. I spent my Junior and Senior year of high school perfecting my portfolio and creating. Now, when I have time to paint- which is usually when I’m home on break- I work on large scale abstract paintings.

Recently, I watched Exit Through the Gift Shop, a documentary film on the notorious street artist Banksey and his friend/filmer/street artist Therry (MBW- Mr. BrainWash). Therry is a french man with a passion for film. He’s ruthless when filming his subjects, various famous street artists. He films everything they do, from dawn to dusk. His obsession with film is heightened when he starts working with his street art idol: Banksey. Although he remained unidentified the entire time, through voiceovers and shadowy pictures, his technique and brilliance shined through his masked persona. I love the idea of an unknown artist, a mystery person that travels the world, raising thoughtfulness wherever he goes. In my eyes, his mater-pieces act as a connector. No matter where you live in the world- the language you speak, the religion you practice, the ideals you follow- when you come across a Banksey everyone, from New York City to Paris, is equally perplexed and blown away by his art. Art in general, but his art especially, unites us.

Not only was this film educational as it gave me a glimpse into the street art creative process: slaving away during the day creating massive stencils, and sneaking out late a night to put them up- often climbing on roofs and getting caught by police; But it also raised some thought provoking theories. One of them being: is Therry actually Banksey?

Personally, I pray that this isn’t true, I would be wildly disappointed as there seems to be a real thoughtfulness, technique and talent in Banksey’s work, and a scattered, chaotic, foniness to Therry’s.

Watch Exit Through the Gift Shop to find out more…

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