23 Royal History is Born


Just before 6pm Monday night, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, appeared out of St. Marys hospital to show the world the newest addition to their family. Although a name has not been released to the public yet, we are sure little Prince George and Princess Charlotte are more than thrilled to have a little brother.

8lbs 7oz, the newborn was held delicately by Kate Middleton, elated with happiness. She was up just seven hours after the birth, looking immaculate as always, doned in red- a homage some expect she is paying to Princess Diana.

Other breaking news came with birth of the Duke and Duchess’ third son, the baby is fifth in line to the throne and the Queen, meaning for the first time ever, a girl, Princess Charlotte, would claim a spot above her baby brother in the succession of the throne. “Prior to Prince George’s birth in 2013, under English law, any older sisters in the royal family would be bumped down a spot in line to the throne with the birth of a younger boy, ” says Lisa Ryan of The Cut. Behind her grandfather Prince Charles, Father Prince William, and brother Prince George, her position remains the same- for the first time in history!

Screen Shot 2018-04-24 at 6.42.51 AM.png

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