32 Bistro 31

Dallas, one of the fastest growing hotspots for restaurant openings across the nation, is unique as it offers both big-city excitement and quiet suburban living: the perfect combination for a dining oasis. The food in this area reflects the culture: a combination of Texas pride and cosmopolitan offerings. A fiercely competitive restaurant industry, means eateries come and go often, but Bistro 31 has longevity. Bistro 31’s fabulously chic and equally delicious location in Highland Park Village adds to the impeccable ambiance, customer service, and food they are known for.

Named Bistro 31 in honor of it’s building date, 1931, the restaurant was designed by Ron Guest, who was heavily influenced by the sidewalk cafes of the French Riviera. He created an interesting a modern urban-casual environment, but also an old school european vibe. The restaurant’s has a homey and energetic ambiance that captures a sense of the past. David Garwacki, the head chef who learned to cook from his polish grandmother, runs the eatery with a warmth that can be felt from his famous slogan: La Mia Casa È La Tua.

With  pristine customer service, the staff awaits diners with always smiling, friendly, and  attentive demeanor. Often, they go above and beyond to their duty to ensure customers have the best experience. “Bistro 31 is the best restaurant in Dallas because their servers always meet my special requests,” says SMU freshman, Juliana. The first time I ate at Bistro 31 was just a week after moving to Dallas, the service and food I ate reminded me of home.  I told my waiter of my favorite dessert from home: strawberries and whipped cream; at the end of the meal, he had brought out a complimentary strawberries and whipped cream the chef had personally made to welcome me to the city.

Bistro 31 serves Brunch, Lunch, and Dinner. Their menu changes seasonally and is nothing short of exceptional, specializing in cuisine with Italian, French, and Spanish influences. Escargot Bourguignonne, Spaghetti Chitarra with Lobster Bolognese, and Chicken Paillard are just a few of the delicacies that adorn the menu. “Whether it’s a salad or steak frites, the meal is always spot-on, especially when washed down with a carefully crafted cocktail,” says Dallas Foodie.

USA Today, rates Bistro 31 among the Top 10 Restaurants in Dallas, “Set within the swanky shopping haven of Highland Park Village lies Bistro 31, a popular chic retreat with a hip St. Tropez vibe, has a menu that keeps on giving and a gem of a cocktail-cum-sushi den tucked away at the top.” While outstanding review on Bistro 31 are endless, a few comments  point out the restaurant’s weaker elements, one guest notes, “Our server seemed a little overwhelmed with the number of tables he was assigned, we had to ask for water and bread a couple times, as he was not as attentive as he could have been.” Despite this observation, the reviews of Bistro 31 rave of it’s energetic upscale environment.

Next time you’re in the Dallas area, make sure to book a reservation at Bistro 31, you won’t be disappointed. I assure you, you will leave full and thankful for having had the best mediterranean-american cuisine of your life! I rate Bistro 31 a glowing 5 out of 5 stars.

Be sure to sit outside on the beautiful terrace try my favorites: the Bistro Salad, Garganelli, and Branzino!









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