34 Bird Bakery

Bird Bakery is the ultimate Dallas sweet spot. Back in New York, every Sunday my Mom would go into the city- it started as Soho Sundays- discovering new boutiques and yummy cafes, but turned much larger as we found new places we wanted to try. My Mom and I always ended our trip with cupcakes- usually from Magnolia- because they are my all time favorite.

When I came to look at SMU for the first time, Bird Bakery was recommended to us as the having the “best cupcake of your life,” we laughed because obviously nothing was going to beat our favorite, but decided to give it a try anyways.

The bakery is incredibly chic and always busy, different from the old fashioned bakery we were used to. The cupcakes range in sizes from minis (the perfect size) or large. The minis are adorable because they come in a small egg cartons depending on if you want 6 or 12- my Mom and I were in love- but it all came down the taste.

We decided to get minis so that we could sample a lot of flavors, and mostly because if they were bad we wouldn’t feel obligated to eat the rest. We got a variety of vanilla vanilla, chocolate vanilla, carrot, lavender, red velvet, and the Elvis. They were AMAZING. Lavender happened to be our favorite- weird I know.

As I now live in Dallas I find myself there weekly, and have since discovered their tomato soup, grilled cheese combo lunch- a must try. And of course, my new favorite, a vanilla vanilla cupcake (large).



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