21 All I Do Not Know

I do not feel or know or know to feel.

Sometimes I think I know

know all I cannot see.

I know because I feel it.

Felt it.

Or was it just your hands on me?


memories melt into molten drips of us

glide pull pucker at my skin

puddles pool in thick and heavy swirls

begging at my heels

hot wax of my heart-burn melt harden

and fall away from me.


I feel only the sting of your love

the last licks lingering here and there

the love i used to love,

the love i love to hate.

Until it’s gone

and the only thing left is me

Unknowing myself.


I do not know if i ever knew,

but does anyone really ever know?

In any case, if i ever knew,

This is all I know,

And this is all i do not know,

I know me.

I know me in all the ways I know you.

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