38 My Perfect Day

My perfect day is spent in New York City.

On these days, about twice a year,  I wake up at eight in the morning (with no problem at all- I never snooze my alarm, or roll over- hangovers don’t even exist on days like today!) and get dresses in an immaculately planned outfit. Something uber stylish, edgy- but subtle (no one likes a try hard)- and easy. By easy I mean, both in comfort for walking, and not too hard to slip on and off. After I’m dressed and spend a solid ten minutes rushing my Mom out the door, we catch a train to Penn Station, and the day begins.

I even love the train ride, where my Mom and I get to catch up and discuss our plans for the day. Twenty minutes later, when we’ve arrived, we either taxi (if Gram decided to accompany us) or take taxi to the Upper East Side.

From there, we walk a few blocks, and escape the cold/ or heat through the doors of the Plaza hotel. In the downstairs market, I sit at my favorite kiosk, the juice bar and beg for my favorite breakfast- La Croque Madame- which they don’t serve until 11. If I’m lucky and tell them its my birthday and i’m traveling from a far away land there is a 5% chance they’ll make it for me before the 11 a.m. mark,  this rarity has only occurred once. When they refuse my pleads of a Croque Madame, I settle for a solid second, but far more basic choice of avocado toast with a poached egg. I also order a lemon, apple, kale, ginger juice and tea.

After a quick bite, we cross the street and head to the back entrance of Bergdorf Goodman (doors don’t open until 10). We are escorted up to the 9th floor, the John Barrett Salon, always awake and bustling before the store officially opens. After I check in, and change into my robe, I find Louis, who greets me with a kiss on each cheek. He is everything gay and French and fabulous. Oh, and also a magician with color. I tell him to give me something new and crazy, but he usually sticks with something trendy and super stylish. Then, of course, we gossip.

After which, I head to Taka, my equally amazing hair stylist. She makes me stand and flip my long hair toward the ground, and I watch as the majority of my hair falls to my feet below me. My hair is then dried and curled and I feel unstoppable.

Next, we head to floor 5, where I peruse the clothes and shoes. Before we leave for our lunch reservation, I slip down to the bottom floor to say hi to Preston, the best makeup artist you will ever meet in your entire life, and after he makes me feel like a movie star with some kind of crazy eye and nude lip, we slip out of Bergdorfs- not before, of course, dreaming about all the bags I pass as I leave and looking at all the window displays.

Lunch is always at Harry Ciprianis, my favorite restaurant in the world. We collapse in our low chairs, exhausted from spoiling ourselves, and laugh and get drunk on Bellinis. I eat about 4 full meals, and proceed to stuff myself with dessert and biscotti.

When our lunch is over, we head for the train, and after grabbing a quick cupcake at magnolias to save for later, fall asleep.

My perfect day.

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