40 Harry Cipriani

The history of Harry Cipriani

Harry Cipriani’s original location is located in Venice, opened in 1931. Since, Harry Cipriani has opened a select few more resturuants, the one I frequent most is on 5th Ave, NY NY.

The story of Cipriani’s is a timeless one, the thread of human nature and random acts of kindness are the reason for the birth of such a place.

Cipriani S.A. traces a family lineage all the way back to Guiseppe Cipriani, the founded of Harry’s Bar in Venice 1930.  Harry Pickering. was a young man who frequently found himself at the bar of Hotel Europa in Venice, where Guiseppe Cipriani worked as a bartender. Harry Pickering was going through a hard time, he explained to Cipriani that his family had discovered his drinking problem and had cut him off financially, he was broke. After hearing this, Cipriani loaned Pickering 10,000 lire. Two years later, Pickering returned to the bar at Hotel Europa where he gave Guiseppe Cirprini back is 10,000 lire in ten fold, 50,000 lire. He thanked Mr. Cipriani and proposed that they open a bar together.

As time progressed, word of the authentic Italian delicacies had reached across seas. Harry’s Bar became a popular sport for celebrities such as Ernest Hemingway. They quickly became known for their Bellini cocktail, my favorite.

To this day, I sit in Harry Cipriani’s and see celebrities from all over the world. I order my favorite meals: the baked tagatelle, veal ragu, and polenta. I always leaved overly stuffed, having drank one too many Bellinis.

The atmosphere that Harry Cipriani has is unlike any other that I’ve been in before. The waiters are authentic and friendly and especially fun to flirt with. They are beyond experienced and attentive. My favorite part, though, is sitting down and feeling home.



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