43 Robertas

My Dad and I have made a pact to find the best pizza and burgers in New York City. Since our recent discovery of Robertas Pizza (Brooklyn-about 2 years ago), it has quickly found a spot at the top of our list and the bottom of my heart. Pizza is my absolute, all-time, crush, seriously, I could eat it every meal for the rest of my life and be utterly content.

Robertas is nestled in a hipster part of Brooklyn- upbeat, covered in street art, tin-shacked-turned-chic-resturuant upbeat- with a line constantly out the door. Thankfully, it moves quick, and cute boutiques and coffee shops can be found in the surrounding area, perfect for keeping a growling belly busy.

Upon entering, you walk into a cozy dining area with large picnic tables, exposed brick, wood beams, and fairy lights. Quirky drawings of skeletons, rock bands, and outer-space line the tight space. A large coal oven/bar combo is the focal point of the joint, where diners can watch as their pizza is being made.

Towards the back of the restaurant, a small bar keeps waiting guests occupied, and doorway leads to an additional outside patio area. The vibe is fantastic and the pizza is even better. The menu is constantly changing, and I’ve tried almost all the specialty pies.

My favorite remains The Bee Sting and of course, classic, Margherita.



Side note: down the block, check out Robertas take out restaurant!

Menu below.


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