43 Robertas

A few years ago, My Dad and I made a pact to hit all the best pizza and burger spots in New York City, both of our favorite foods. Since our recent discovery of Roberta’s Pizza (2ish years ago), it has quickly found a spot at the top of our list. Pizza is my absolute, all-time, crush. Seriously, I could have it for every meal the rest of my life and would be shamelessly content.

Robertas, a quirky tin-shack-turned-chic-restaurant, oozes coolness as only a unique pizza spot in Brooklyn can. Nestled on Moore Street and hidden among walls of street art, the small eatery could be overlooked if not for the constant line out the door. Thankfully, the ever-growing line moves quickly; even better, cute boutiques and coffee shops can be found in the surrounding area, perfect for keeping a growling belly busy.

Upon entering, diners are greeted by a cozy dining area with large picnic tables, exposed brick, and rustic wood beams. Fairy lights and eccentric drawings of skeletons, rock bands, and alien cowboys dot the walls. The focal point of  the restaurant is the large coal oven/bar combo where diners can grab a drink and watch as their pizzas come to life. The best part? The heavenly smell of fresh mozzarella melting into homemade sauce, and the crack of a thin crispy crust being cut.

Towards the back of the restaurant, a small bar keeps waiting guests occupied, and a doorway leads to an additional outside patio area. The vibe is both eclectic and effortless. What should you wear? Boyfriend jeans and a graphic t-shirt. Don’t even bother with dry shampoo, with your hair up in a messy updo you’ll be feeling like a longtime local.

Most importantly, the pizza is to die for. The menu is constantly changing, but I’ve tried almost all of their specialties. My favorite remains The Bee Sting and, of course, the classic Margherita.

Be sure to hit Roberta’s the next time you’re in town, you won’t regret it!



Side note: down the block, check out Robertas take out restaurant!

Menu below.


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